NST(Natural Science and Technology) Cafeteria

Halal Food is available:
Mon.- Fri.: 11:00 to 13:30、17:00-19:00
Service Counter
We will make it for you when you order at the catering counter.
Halal Options
Chicken curry, Rendang, etc. (Mon.- Sat.)
*Check the menu for the lunch of the day.
*Dishes produced following Halal standards are clearly marked with ‘HALAL’ on the menu.

Water, and dressings are available for free.
Some dressings and sauces may have Haram ingredients.


Halal Ingredients

  • Only food based on the Halal Food Standard will be used.
  • When introducing new dishes or new ingredients, only food with the Halal mark or carefully examined ingredients will be adopted.
  • To indicate Halal dishes, a Halal mark created by Kanazawa University Co-op will be printed on the menu.
  • Halal ingredients will not be stored in the same containers as Haram ingredients.
  • If a container was used to store Haram food, it will first be washed thoroughly in the dishwasher before it is used to store Halal food.
  • Halal ingredients will be stored in a designated area separately from Haram ingredients


  • Chicken (sealed in vacuum packs)


  • Defrosted chicken (stored in a closed container), cooked curry (stored in a special container)


  • Flour (for deep-frying) stored in a special container kept separately from the flour used for Haram food
  • Vegetable curry (sealed in retort pouches)

Seasonings, salt, pepper, vegetables, fruit, oil

  • Seasonings and other ingredients that do not directly touch Haram ingredients will be stored in the same container.

Preparation methods

  • Separate tongs and other cooking utensils will be used for Halal and Haram food.
  • If the cooking utensils used for Haram food are used for Halal food preparation, the utensils will be washed thoroughly first using a dishwasher.
  • Halal food and Haram will be cooked separately in the convection oven.
  • A special pan will be used when cooking Halal food in the convection oven.
  • For deep frying, oil and a fryer exclusively for Halal food will be used.
  • Oil used for cooking Haram food will not be used to cook Halal food.
  • The coating/batter (flour, starch) for Halal food will not be used for Haram food.
  • When preparing food in retort pouches, the sealed pouches will be heated by boiling on a stove or by steaming in a convection oven. At this stage, the sealed pouches are heated at the same time as Haram food.
  • After heating the food in retort pouches, the food will be unsealed and stored in a special pan.
  • Utensils for serving Halal food, such as tongs and containers, will not be used for Haram food.
  • To prevent mixing Halal and Haram food, Halal food will be kept in closed containers.
  • Plates, chopsticks and spoons are thoroughly washed and are also used for Haram food.

Handling Halal food

Before cooking:
will be washed thoroughly, disinfected with ethanol, and finally dried until the water and ethanol evaporate completely.
All tools will be thoroughly washed before use, disinfected with ethanol and completely dried.
Convection oven: Before using the convection oven to prepare Halal food, it will be aired out for around 30 seconds.

During cooking:

hands that have touched Haram food during preparation will not touch Halal food. If by chance they have touched Haram food, the hands will be washed and disinfected again before preparing Halal food.
Tools used for cooking Haram food will not be used to cook Halal food.
In addition:
Non-Halal food will not be used.
Only vegetable oil will be used.
When oil is used to fry non-Halal food, it will not be used again to fry Halal food.
Halal and Haram food will not be mixed at any stage of cooking.

At the counter:

Halal and Haram food will not be mixed together at the counter.
The Halal mark on the menu will indicate the Halal food.
The preparation standards and ingredients of the Halal food will be clearly specified.
The tongs and pans used for storage are specifically for Halal food and will not be used for non-Halal food.

Halal Food Standard:

  1. The following animal based products are not contained in the food:
    Meat without the Halal mark
    Pork essence in consommé, confectionary
    Any ingredients made from pork in dressings, bread, or cake
    Animal fat in butter, yoghurt, ice-cream, or cake
    Emulsifiers in mayonnaise, bread, breadcrumbs, yoghurt, ice cream, cake, or cheese
    Gelatin in ice cream or custard
    Shortening in margarine
    Beef or chicken in consommé
  2. The following alcoholic products are not contained in the food:
    Mirin in miso, instant bouillon, or seasonings
    Liqueur in confectionary or cake
    Rum in confectionary or cake
    Distilled liquor in miso or seasoning
    Other alcoholic drinks